6 tips to keep your Mermaid Hair in check

At 14, I dyed my hair purple for the first time. In the almost 2 decades that I’ve had full-time mermaid locks, I’ve learned alot of tricks (the hard way) to keeping my color vibrant. I’ve dedicated this post to anyone out there searching for more in-depth maintenance. Some of the tricks on this listContinue reading “6 tips to keep your Mermaid Hair in check”

Red color correction 

​​ Corrected a blotchy high lift red box job.  Formula A: Wella magma /65 + 20vol.  Formula B: Wella magma /65 + olaplex 1 + 40vol.  Formula C: Wella koleston perfect 0/43 + 10vol.  Formula D: pulpriot equal parts fireball + jam + olaplex 1.  Directions: Apply formula A to 1/4th inch new growth, ApplyContinue reading “Red color correction “

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